Saturday, August 24, 2013

Amber and the Baby Gems

Amber Gem was not insane. Neither was she brainwashed or infected with a virus that ate her brain. Nope, Amber Gem was absolutely fine. Why would there be any doubt as to her mental health, you ask? Well, that's rather simple. She wants to start her family off by producing as many children as she can. If she can't make it to one hundred, perhaps a daughter or granddaughter will continue on in this family 'tradition' until the goal has been met. 100 Gems. Can it be done? Only time will tell.

First off, let me introduce you to Amber. The first Gem to begin this intense challenge. Does she have what it takes? She would probably answer, 'Why yes. Yes I do.' Then most likely walk away and have a little 'fun' with her husband.

Husband? Yes! Amber will be married. There is unfortunately a terrible price to pay for mass producing children. The men don't seem to live very long. Each one will only be able to sire a few or maybe just one before they fade away from life. It is a sad fact but it is the way it is. Her first husband's name is Dwane. He has black hair and dark gray eyes. You can see him sporting his incredibly weird hairstyle behind Amber above. He definitely needs a makeover. lol

Here is a closer pic of Dwane...

...And yes, he is not a young adult after all. He had the faint traces of wrinkles. Or maybe he is a young adult and this is just the beginning of the end for him. Very sad for he is quite nice.

Well, as things progressed, so did the size of Amber's belly. Yup. She's pregnant! What will it be, she wonders. A boy or a girl. Both Dwane and Amber wish for a girl but they know they'll be happy with either.

As it turns out, they did get a little girl. And a boy... and another boy. lol Triplets! Here they are in the order in which they were born.

Ariel - daughter

Ariel took after her father's looks. Dark hair and gray eyes. 

Alexx - son
Alexx has his father's dark hair and his mother's very light blue eyes. 

Andrew - son
Andrew is another of daddy's clones. Dark hair and gray eyes.


Baby Count: 3/100
Singles: 0
Twins: 0
Triplets: 1

Boys: 2
Girls: 1
World used: Isla Paradiso

Author's Note: 
I am tweaking the rules a little as I'm having my female marry. But for the base rules for this crazy challenge, you can see them here:
100 Baby Challenge Rules